Our adoption

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Lately I’ve turned into one of those people who who are so busy I carry around a constantly updated list of to-dos for the day so I don’t leave anything off. We’ve been attending conferences, choosing an agency, building and painting bookcases, filling out mountains if paperwork, and running errands all over the place trying to get different documents from different government agencies who have no idea what I’m needing. We started a blog about the adoption and you can keep current in what’s going on with us here:
Keep us in your prayers, please!


August Catchup

August has flown by, and I’ve fallen behind posting everything that’s gone on.

In the first week: Anne began a ballet/tap combo class. She absolutely LOVES it. We originally planned for her to just take classes for one month, but she is enjoying it so much we’re going to let her keep at it.

In the second week: I started back at GCS. Gaba & Papa and Laura both babysat Anne and Joel all week while I sat through inservice. THANK YOU!!!

In the third week: Anne started first grade! I don’t even know what to say about this. She’s so, so, so big. How did this happen so quickly?

That Friday we took the kids to the Mesquite Rodeo. They had an awesome time. We hung out with friends, ate bbq sandwiches and cotton candy, and had lots of fun. What was the kids’ favorite part of the night? The races, bull rides, tricks? Nope, it was the face painting!

Last week: Joel swallowed a penny Saturday morning. We had to check and make sure it successfully passed. Yuck!!!!!

Tonight: We try to have family fun night once a week, this was our only time for the month of August. Once is better than none though. We’ll get better once we get back in a routine. Tonight the recipe card talked about how you can’t take words back once you speak them.

In the past 3 weeks, we’ve had 2 nights at home. We’ve been going, going, going! It’s been exhausting, and I’m so grateful that my husband is my best friend and the perfect teammate. I love you, JJ!

Pharmacology Results

I scored a 101.79% in Pharmacology!!! I know it doesn’t matter, an A is an A, but I worked so hard for it and I’m so happy! I have finished 12 of my 36 grad school hours and currently have  a 4.0. I’m taking the fall off (to save up money to pay for spring 2011) and am looking forward to a break! At this rate it will take me 3 years to finish instead of the 2 I was planning, but it’ll be nice to not have a school loan when I finish. Hurray, Pharmacology is DONE!! Bring on GCS and the new school year!

Anne’s Birthday Parties

My big girl turned 6 years old on July 31, 2010! I’m a little late posting about the parties (yes, she had 3 parties, crazy right?) because we’ve simply been worn out around here. It took a solid week to recuperate and we’re still cleaning up from the slumber party. On her birthday, we woke Anne up early and gave her a cinderella dress and crown from JJ, me, and Joel. She’s seen the edge of the dress peeking out in our closet since we bought it last September (from the disney outlet when Kate was born) and has been SO curious and excited for it all year. She didn’t get the chance to wear it though because she had to get ready and go to a birthday party for one of her best friends, Jillian Shepherd. The 2 birthday girls went to Sweet & Sassy and had their hair, make-up, and nails done. They then got to ride in the awesomely pink limo for a finale. Afterwards Paige took the girls to build-a-bear and Anne built a bear she named John. Anne had the best time. The next day, Sunday, her hair was a little worse for wear but she refused to take a bath because she didn’t want to wash out the glitter hairspray. Linda, Alvina, Granny, Dad, Laura, John, & Kate all came over to our house for sandwiches, chips, and dip for Anne’s birthday lunch and some cake. It was lots of fun, but we missed having Matt there too.

For dinner we went with Gaba, Papa, Denise, Mike, Laynette, & Ronnie to Iceburgs (Anne’s choice- she knew she’d get ice cream) for some burgers and fries. Afterward we come back home, had ice cream and opened presents. As always, everyone went overboard and gave her SO much! It was a really nice day filled with lots of our family.

All year long Anne has been dreaming and planning a girls only slumber party for her birthday. The following weekend we had 9 little girls come over: Alanna, Jillian, Abby, Kate, Rylee, Sophia, Lauren, Caroline, & Cecily. Our little house was full to the brim of girly chaos. We played in the backyard – running through the sprinkler, swinging, and slip-n-sliding, ate hot dogs, played dress-up, made hairbands, ate cupcakes, opened presents, played freeze dance and musical chairs, and watched princess movies while eating popcorn.
Kate and Cecily went home that night, while the rest of the girls camped out in the living room. The next morning we ate doughnuts and loaded up to take the girls home. It was so, so much fun, and completely exhausting.

Our Mini Vacation

This past Friday we woke up at 7 AM, loaded up in the car and were on our way to Houston! The kids did absolutely great on our 5 hour road trip. They entertained themselves and each other and didn’t fight a single time. I truly think it won’t be so bad on our way to Disney World this December (14 hours driving). We stopped for lunch at Collins Street Bakery in Corsicana.

After some pretty great sandwiches each of us picked out a cookie from the case.

I chose a coconut macaroon. JJ and Joel shared a huge chocolate chip cookie.

Anne chose a sugar cookie with chocolate icing.

After lunch we got back on 45 to continue on to Houston. We made it there by 4 PM and arrived to find that our hotel did not have a room for us despite our reservation. The manager was pretty rude about it and I got kind of upset at him. He then suddenly found a room and we were able to go change and rush off to the wedding rehearsal. Jennifer and Adam chose a BEAUTIFUL location for their wedding- the Bell Tower on 34th St. Everything was so fancy and picturesque. Anne took her job as flower girl very seriously and was fantastic.

The next morning we had just enough time to have a morning swim and then run to Target and buy a toothbrush (we’d forgotten ours at home) before Anne had to be at the hairdresser. The wedding was beautiful and so was Anne.

(that’s right, Joel’s watching A Goofy Movie)

The next morning we loaded up bright and early to head to Galveston beach about 45 minutes away. We played and swam and dug in the sand for several hours. it was the best part of the trip and was great! We had sand all over us and didn’t take as many pictures or video as we’d planned, but instead just relaxed and played with the kids. When it started getting really, truly HOT, we loaded back up. After stopping at a nearby Jack in the Box to wash the grit off, change clothes, and eat lunch, we began the journey home.

Goal Money Earned!

I’m a little late posting this, but it was a huge event to the kids, so I didn’t want to leave it out. For a month the kids have been doing their jobs around the house. Each time they do a job they get a star and after they get 5 stars they get paid. They tithe some, save some (in a piggy bank for disney world), and put some in their spending jar. Once Anne’s spending jar reaches a goal of 10 dollars and Joel’s reaches 5 dollars we make a huge event out of it and go to the toy aisle and they get to pick out whatever toys they can buy for that amount. I know it’s a little complicated of a system, but it works for us and the kids are actually doing their jobs without complaint the majority of the time. They’re excited to put their stars on the chart and revel in counting the money in their jars. About 2 weeks ago they met their first goal and they got to pick out their first prizes!


I totally just killed a black widow spider.

In my living room.