Fourth of July 2010

Fourth of July is by far my favorite holiday. It comes at the perfect time of year, is super low stress, and so much fun just hanging out with the people I love.

As soon as JJ got off work Friday afternoon, I ran to the door, so super excited for the weekend to begin! We put swimsuits on the kids, packed up the no bake cookies that were our contribution to dinner, and loaded up in the car. We drove to Linda’s house, stopping on the way for fireworks.

Fourth of July dinner at Linda’s is always the best! Grilled and BBQ chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs, baked potatoes, corn on the cob & baked beans. All my family was there, except Uncle Donald, Candace, Felicity, Kylie, and Deacon (Missed you!). We ate, talked, the kids played in the sprinkler and ran around. After dinner, we moved our chairs outside to watch the kids play with sparklers (upwind-smoking us out in the process), and  an awesome fireworks display (Thank you, Donald!). Anne and Joel both loved the sparklers, but were scared of how loud the fireworks were. Joel came around pretty quickly, but Anne took awhile. Kate saw her first fireworks and was a champ. She wouldn’t look up at the sky, but wasn’t afraid at all.  It was so much fun. I loved it.

Sunday lunch we had a super secret picnic with Dad, Matt, Laura, John, and Kate. We drove to Fish Camp in Royse City. We lunched outside and the kids ran and played in the bounce house and caught fish. It was really nice. JJ helped Anne put pinto beans on her fishing pole and she caught a fish! She was really proud of it, but neither of the kids would touch the fish. Smart move considering the fish pooped in JJ’s hand shortly after.

After lunch Matt headed out, but the rest of us had ice cream at Braums.

After being thouroughly stuffed full, we dropped the kids off with Laura, John, and Kate to watch movies while we changed clothes and grouted Dad’s tile. We finished the kitchen. We’re about 1/2 done tiling and about 1/5 done grouting. It’s starting to look like a real house. Pretty exciting.


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