Anne’s Birthday Parties

My big girl turned 6 years old on July 31, 2010! I’m a little late posting about the parties (yes, she had 3 parties, crazy right?) because we’ve simply been worn out around here. It took a solid week to recuperate and we’re still cleaning up from the slumber party. On her birthday, we woke Anne up early and gave her a cinderella dress and crown from JJ, me, and Joel. She’s seen the edge of the dress peeking out in our closet since we bought it last September (from the disney outlet when Kate was born) and has been SO curious and excited for it all year. She didn’t get the chance to wear it though because she had to get ready and go to a birthday party for one of her best friends, Jillian Shepherd. The 2 birthday girls went to Sweet & Sassy and had their hair, make-up, and nails done. They then got to ride in the awesomely pink limo for a finale. Afterwards Paige took the girls to build-a-bear and Anne built a bear she named John. Anne had the best time. The next day, Sunday, her hair was a little worse for wear but she refused to take a bath because she didn’t want to wash out the glitter hairspray. Linda, Alvina, Granny, Dad, Laura, John, & Kate all came over to our house for sandwiches, chips, and dip for Anne’s birthday lunch and some cake. It was lots of fun, but we missed having Matt there too.

For dinner we went with Gaba, Papa, Denise, Mike, Laynette, & Ronnie to Iceburgs (Anne’s choice- she knew she’d get ice cream) for some burgers and fries. Afterward we come back home, had ice cream and opened presents. As always, everyone went overboard and gave her SO much! It was a really nice day filled with lots of our family.

All year long Anne has been dreaming and planning a girls only slumber party for her birthday. The following weekend we had 9 little girls come over: Alanna, Jillian, Abby, Kate, Rylee, Sophia, Lauren, Caroline, & Cecily. Our little house was full to the brim of girly chaos. We played in the backyard – running through the sprinkler, swinging, and slip-n-sliding, ate hot dogs, played dress-up, made hairbands, ate cupcakes, opened presents, played freeze dance and musical chairs, and watched princess movies while eating popcorn.
Kate and Cecily went home that night, while the rest of the girls camped out in the living room. The next morning we ate doughnuts and loaded up to take the girls home. It was so, so much fun, and completely exhausting.


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