Our Mini Vacation

This past Friday we woke up at 7 AM, loaded up in the car and were on our way to Houston! The kids did absolutely great on our 5 hour road trip. They entertained themselves and each other and didn’t fight a single time. I truly think it won’t be so bad on our way to Disney World this December (14 hours driving). We stopped for lunch at Collins Street Bakery in Corsicana.

After some pretty great sandwiches each of us picked out a cookie from the case.

I chose a coconut macaroon. JJ and Joel shared a huge chocolate chip cookie.

Anne chose a sugar cookie with chocolate icing.

After lunch we got back on 45 to continue on to Houston. We made it there by 4 PM and arrived to find that our hotel did not have a room for us despite our reservation. The manager was pretty rude about it and I got kind of upset at him. He then suddenly found a room and we were able to go change and rush off to the wedding rehearsal. Jennifer and Adam chose a BEAUTIFUL location for their wedding- the Bell Tower on 34th St. Everything was so fancy and picturesque. Anne took her job as flower girl very seriously and was fantastic.

The next morning we had just enough time to have a morning swim and then run to Target and buy a toothbrush (we’d forgotten ours at home) before Anne had to be at the hairdresser. The wedding was beautiful and so was Anne.

(that’s right, Joel’s watching A Goofy Movie)

The next morning we loaded up bright and early to head to Galveston beach about 45 minutes away. We played and swam and dug in the sand for several hours. it was the best part of the trip and was great! We had sand all over us and didn’t take as many pictures or video as we’d planned, but instead just relaxed and played with the kids. When it started getting really, truly HOT, we loaded back up. After stopping at a nearby Jack in the Box to wash the grit off, change clothes, and eat lunch, we began the journey home.


2 responses

  1. Laura

    14 hours you wish!

    August 9, 2010 at 1:39 pm

  2. So glad you guys had fun!!

    July 21, 2010 at 5:39 pm

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